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Thread: Do you find the currents events (SuperBarb and eDrags) worth it ?

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    E-drag one is definitely a drag and a bit too much. Still, I'm going to complete it alongside complaining about it.

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    many are not worth it but these 2 I think are worth it. I use ED in my normal army and super barbs for farming so it doesnt make much of a difference to me
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    It depends a lot on your goals playing the game. Those events are not designed to help a player to get maxed out quicker, they are there to entice players to try different troop combos.

    I see COC as an "ever ending" journey, and I was never in a hurry to max out my base (took me 8 years as F2P), so I have always completed all the troop events.

    One small challenge I like to set for myself (if possible) is try completing multiple troop events all at the same time, e.g. use an army that uses both edrag +3 and s barb +1 in LL and try my best not to drop too many trophies.

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