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Thread: Builder Base Spells

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    Builder Base Spells

    So we know the builder base right? And how it takes troops from the main base and gives them special powers. Well what if we do the same with spells? For example: what if we take the earthquake spell and instead of it targeting one small area, it makes a huge crack in the middle of the base attacking all building on that crack! Or what if we make new spells? Like say a fire spell? It's like the poison spell but does more damage and has a smaller radius. Tell me other takes on it in the replies please.

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    I don’t think the builder base needs any spells.
    The fact there are no spells helps keep it different also from the main village.

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    Tge reason that troops in the bb have special abilities is due to the lack of spells.
    Think of it like this: spells in the bb are built into the troops via their special abilities.
    Their special abilities are the spells.

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