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    legend has 8 attacks per day. however, you need all day to complete your attacks by:
    1- you have long waiting times making troops and healing heroes
    2- you are dependent on donation troops that sometimes make you wait a long time.
    this causes frustration, because you are too dependent on others and waiting times troops, but you also usually do not have the time for (work and family). in addition, you also have to deal with your war attacks. this makes cupping quite difficult for a season.

    I would like to advise you the following:
    Just like in fw's no troop training and no hero healing. Just like in defense, your ck should always be full of your desired troops. this ensures that when you have limited time, you can still complete your legends attacks in an hour without having to depend on waiting times, troop training and donations from others. sometimes you have had a busy day and you are home very late. for example, you have an hour to clash, then completing your legends attacks is still possible with my advice, but not with the current one. In fact, you don't start anymore, because you know that you cannot do all attacks and get donated.

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    This was the reason, SC didn't implement the ''use heroes in FC even when upgrading or healing". People will demand that let us use heroes in normal wars, then in multiplayers, etc.

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    Waiting on troops is a clan activity issue, if youíre waiting on troops too long and itís problematic you should look for another more active clan. So thatís one issue solved.

    having no training time etc really isnít fair. Without training time legends would also be able to donate instantly.
    Cup hunting is quite a commitment and always has been.
    In fact before operation blue skies it was much more of a time commitment then now. Now itís possible to have a life next to cup hunting.
    There are also training potions and boosts that help with training time when you do have some time to attack.

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