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Thread: Blossom Derby Tasks expiring early?

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    Angry Blossom Derby Tasks expiring early?

    Woke up this morning to the blossom task I had chosen abt 6 hrs before (19 orange teas) expired! And only other in neighbourhood with blossom task had same situation. Also we are not able to use our farm pass renewal on them to reactivate. Anyone else?

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    Hello SLRice,
    Blossom tasks expire after 3 days. The timer starts running after the first hoodie took the task. If you are the last person to finish the Blossom task it may happen that you won't have enough time to finish it. If your NH agreed to take production tasks, best strategy is, that everyone start to prepare this production task right away after the first hoodie took it. That way you can finish the task right away when its your turn to take over the task.
    Hope that helps
    Greetings Bee

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