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Thread: The Troop's Train Time

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    The Troop's Train Time

    First, I'm sorry for my english
    Second, I'm sorry if the same topics already discussed in the past, because I just started play COC again after 4 YEARS :"

    So, a while ago I just realized that there's something unfair about the troop's training time. Let me explain
    - In home village we have two kinds of barrack: barrack and dark barrack
    - We know each kind barrack train specific troops (I'll call it elixir troops and dark elixir troops) with specific time too
    - But, I wonder why when we train 2 different kinds of troops, the time we need to wait is accumulation from 2 different kinds of troops within 1 kinds of barrack.
    - This is the example:
    ● We have elixir barracks and dark elixir barracks
    ● With elixir barracks We want to train 4 wizzards (2 minutes)
    ●With dark elixir barracks We want to train 4 hog riders (2 minutes)
    If they're trained at the same time, we have to wait 4 minutes, but I think that's unfair. Because We have 2 different kinds of barrack which training troops at the same time, the time we should wait is just 2 minutes, right?

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    This is how the old training system worked and it resulted in longer training times. They're not going to revert back to the old system.

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    Well it was like this before and it was very led to longer training time, so no one wants to evolve backwards

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    The bottom line is supercel balances maxed troop (for level) army training time roughly with max heroes regeneration time. With that in mind, they would have to double cook times to keep overall army time the same. Have fun cooking donation troops with double the cook time.
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