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Thread: Come join today! Bluebonnet Meadows #YY9UQ22V

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    Come join today! Bluebonnet Meadows #YY9UQ22V

    Update: We have moved up to Expert League! This team is growing and having a great time. Come join and let’s build it up even more! If you’d like to combine your small neighborhood with this small neighborhood...come on over and let’s make it happen!
    New neighborhood looking to build up a great group! We started with 3 players who have been together long term and decided to go out on our own and start a neighborhood. We are a chatty and fun English speaking group. If you are over 18 years old, please come on over and join us. Has your neighborhood dwindled down to a few players? We could combine another neighborhood and have a bustling community! Everyone comes in as elder so you can clear low point tasks (if you’re a co-leader already...let’s talk). We love to derby! We are just starting but once we get there 320 points/9 tasks please. No requirements to use diamonds for 10th task. Super friendly group that will make game play fun and enjoyable. Many seasoned players (level 134,131,93). Everyone is helpful and ready to assist! Come join us today!
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    Bump😊. Come and join this great new neighborhood. We’re a small group looking to grow and add more friends to our fun group!
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    Come join before the derby starts! We’ve gotta great team and we’re ready to go. Now we just need YOU! This is a “from the ground up” brand new neighborhood.
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    Come join today! We’re waiting for you!
    *Fun neighborhood
    *Promotion immediately
    *You can be chatty or a little quieter 😊
    *Helpful and works together!
    Let’s build a great new neighborhood!
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    Join us! Ready to welcome new neighbors and build a great community! Welcome Home!

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    Come on over and join us before the next derby starts! Onward and upward for this great little upstart neighborhood! 😊😊

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    This small neighborhood is growing! We have added several new members! We have jumped two spots in the derby league and are now in the Professional League! Come and be a part of a great new start up that’s moving onward and upward! Great neighborhood! Great people! All we need is you! Welcome Home!

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    I led an active but dwindling hood, but I have folded it and joined yours. Looking forward. Also hoping my wife and others from the old hood join. 😀

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    6 neighbors have joined and we are ready to welcome more new friends! Come on over and enjoy this up and coming neighborhood. We would welcome you heartily to a friendly, helpful, and fun group!

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    If your ready for a new neighborhood! Join us today! It’s moving day!! 😊😊😊

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