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    Visitors are traps! Be careful!

    Farm visitors keep asking for axes, saws and mining tools. It's nothing but a trap from hayday. Does anyone really sell this items to them? I don't think someone will do it. But everyone can do that by mistake. Here is the trap. Accidentally kicking "yes" is very common occurrence. Hayday uses it and take many tools from you. Then, you must use tom to find tools when you need. It's cost diamonds (Don't say that you get unlimited tom booster). Selling diamond is hayday's main business. So, they use so called visitors to make money. Making money is not bad but is tricking good?

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    I understand that you donít like this feature and I sympathize with it as well as Iím sure weíve all done it.
    Weíve also advocated and requested for the wait button and no button to be switched to help with accidents but alas. Feel free to ask in the ask Cami thread why this hasnít changed yet for example.

    This feature does help the new players starting out when they donít have a RSS unlocked yet and thereís things you can do to prevent them from asking for saws and axes,

    Now you're more then welcome to not like it like it and discuss it normally but this conspiracy nonsense is one step too far.

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    Just to add to what Kat said about ways to prevent them asking for saws and axes:

    Unless you sell to the farm visitors frequently, wait until they want something like wheat and corn and hold them hostage there at your doorstep forever. Then if you accidentally sell to the visitors, you are not out of your premium items. That is what I do, though I don't see farm visitors asking for saws and axes as a "trap" or "trick" as you call it, just the visitors programmed to ask for things you have in stock.

    Take a look at this link below to change your barn and silo strategy to suit your own farm visitor requests:

    Hope that helps.
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