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Thread: Town Hall 9 Strategy:The Witch Slap!

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    Town Hall 9 Strategy:The Witch Slap!

    Witch slap is one of the best strategy in Town Hall 9 for wars and trophy pushing. As I am not that big of a professional player, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
    Compostion: this differs a lot, but this is the one I go with
    1.8 Witches
    2. 1 Golem
    3. 4 healers
    4.2 archers
    5. All rest wizards
    6. CC-Bowlers or an electro dragon(optional)
    Spell composition:
    1. 2 jump spells
    2. 1 rage spell
    3. 1 freeze
    4.1 heal
    5. 1 poison in CC (optional)
    Deploying the troops:
    put witches down in the corners with two healers assisting them. Let them clean up the outside part of the base. Then, we have to deploy the main troops which will infiltrate to the centre of the base. But we have to make sure that the healers do not come towards the main troops and continue to clean the outside of the then, we will deploy the wizards to clear the trash buildings. Then deploy the golem followed by the Barbarian king ,archer queen and wizards. Use jump spells , rage and heal at the start of the base to assist them. You may also deploy the electro dragon and bowlers now. If CC comes out, freeze them and use the CC poison, so that they get demolished by the queen and the wizards. If The CC does not come out, save the freeze for X bows or inferno towers. Then, if you want to snipe some buildings, use archers to do so.
    While the main troops charge and absolutely demolish the base, witches will clean the base up, making this strategy 2 star almost any th9 to th10 base, crushing a few.
    Since you will be using this strategy, you must know the drawbacks too.
    1. Takes some time to master: When I first started using witches, I barely got any stars, so just practice and see perfection

    2. High Cost: both in elixir and dark elixir
    Note: you can use the witch slap which is taught in game, but I personally think this one gives better results.
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    I like reading this strategy and like it.

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    Thats correct. One thing you can try though is prioritizing witches to go outside on one side then the queen on the other.

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