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Thread: BK Skins

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    BK Skins

    I own every skin there is. This is the only real game i play so putting real $ into never bothered me.

    But if i am being honest, i think Supercell peaked with the Champion King skin (i think that cost me $10) and that flaming sword is a cool look. The two that followed, the Pirate King and this newest Warrior King were kind of let downs because they look plain in comparison.

    Id probably rank the Pekka King as my second favorite, again because of the sword graphic.

    And I find that being superstitious, if i change a skin and my first attack is bad, I will not go back to that skin for quite sometime. Like i need it to prove itself worthy to try again. For example, the Clockwork King will never be used for again after some horrific attacks using that skin. so it sits in my closet like an old sweater that i will never wear again, but wont get rid of it, either.

    Anyone think Warrior King was a let down? Anyone else blame a bad attack on any 'unlucky' skin or is that just me?

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    Definitely a letdown. I bought warrior queen and champion king skins because of how cool they looked. I had every single skin up until the warrior king and decided not to buy it because it just doesn't compare.
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    Imo, the bk skins are generally less exciting than the other hero skins. The champion king is fantastic though. The warrior king has grown on my. Its one of the few that is actually best looking in battle and not in the pictures. Not as good as champion, but pretty good. I dont really go back to old skins much. I just use whatever is the current set.
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    I like the pirate king because it looks almost identical to the concept I submitted for a forum contest, but I default the champion king, because it is visually the most appealing to me.

    As someone with all the skins as well, other than the warrior king, I’d really like a randomization option. I’m not superstitious, so I don’t really care which skin is selected, but I would like to enjoy all my purchases without having to manually change them each time.

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