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Thread: Do you feel as you have "beaten the game"? What is your standard for doing so?

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    For my part, the game has beaten me

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    I donít think maxing out a base or completing all the achievements qualify as ďbeatingĒ the game. I donít see it as Iím playing against Supercell. Pretty much anyone can max out and complete the achievements if they play enough. Iím playing against other players. The only way Iíve ďbeatenĒ the game from that standpoint is if I pretty much always win (considerable net trophy adds every day in Legends, always three star in war, etc.). Since Iím nowhere near that, I have work to do to improve both my attacks and defensive base design.

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    I think I've completed (not beaten) the game:
    - Village is completely maxed
    - Heroes are maxed
    - Troops and spells are maxed
    - All achievements done
    - Been in legend (for a short period)
    - Known many people around the world
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    After 6 years playing this game I feel I have beaten this game. Now itís just repetitive.
    1. Max base
    2. over 3k war stars
    3. led a clan for 6 years over 700 wins
    4. all achievements completed

    only thing left is to collect obstacles.

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    I like it, thanks for the good idea.

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    Been here since beginning. Been maxed for years.

    When I hit 6k trophies is what I consider my peak.

    Now...weíll I donít really do much. Lead a clan and play in my spare time.

    Iíd love to expand and manage a bunch of clans and wars and helping new players...but quite frankly Supercellís neglect of the recruiting aspect of the game while simultaneously axing global with no real plan in place years later has killed any desire for me and a lot of people I know dipped out.

    Such a shame, but Iím honestly surprised this game is still going even at the lesser extent it is seeing as building a clan is itís glue and purpose and yet as been thrown to the side in favor of skins and revenue.

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    After a very long time and a dent in my bank account. Yes, with my playstyle I've beaten the game. I've build up an Empire, a Big City with plenty Suburbs. As a maxer, I have villages ranging from TH13-Th3.

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    I haven’t beaten the game, but pretty much everything is maxed out.

    It has saved me £5 a month in gold passes though so that’s a plus.

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    I never encountered such a feeling in this game. Anyway, I play for 3 years and never beaten the game yet. Only once I met this feeling. I am a gambling person. Sometimes, I like to play roulette. I've learned some roulette tips. In this way, you can beat the game. I won around 150$ this week, and I am very pleased with the result. I don't play very often, maybe just when I am stressed. It's like a relaxing method for me. I found there also a lot of different tips in poker or blackjack. Also, I play there different online games.
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    These are all great thoughts on “beating” or “mastering” the game. My standard is perhaps a little different.

    I think I have “beaten” the game because simply put, I am laughing a lot at the comedy of things that happen in attacks.

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