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Thread: Barn is full!

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    I spend alot of time diving in the DD to buy upgrade material. Buying upgrade materials is like hunting game to me. Its fun but sometime frustrated I did'nt act quick enough to buy them.

    All I need is having good wifi/4g connection, coins to buy them. Connection is important. Just 0.5 second later someone can buy things you need the most. You need to be as quick as possible, keep in mind 1 or 2 things you need to buy, go through the newspaper really quick, only searching for upgrade material.

    If there are nothing you can buy in the DD, wait until the DD shake, it means the DD are refreshed, then immediately check it out real quick. You will have more chance to buy upgrade materials that you need. Repeat this as many time as you can, as long as you can, you will get them easier.

    It will comsume alot more time shopping in DD, but it worthy. I can buy lots of upgrade materials, upgrade as ease.

    My farm is level 15, 225 barn storage, 200 silo storage.

    A good NH can help you out to.

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    Only store a little of what grows on bushes and trees in the silo, if you need lots of apples etc. say for a boat, keep lots ready to harvest & pick them at the time. Don't just harvest bushes and trees to sell it unless you have a great supply of axes and saws. Harvest just bushes and trees to feed your machines

    The barn, always keep expansion materials if you can sufficient for the next size grow - trade off excess to your team. Then keep as priority the stuff that takes longest to make.

    At lower levels (I'm at 109, barn 4500, silo 4300) you are always short of something and have to balance up growing money and getting experience points. Get money by keeping your machines busy, experience from truck orders.

    Farm pets - especially horses - easy to feed, give a good feed of expansion stuff, axes & saws.
    Dogs & puppies less so because of the time it takes to get bacon.

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