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Thread: TH8 working on traps til max (Needing a clan)

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    Ignore thus

    No longer looking
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    write that you come from the forums in the join request. we play mini wars and max clan games, otherwise the clan activity is low

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    Hi Samoyed
    ⭐WorldsAway⭐ is looking for new members of all levels to enjoy the game, War is back to back but it's optional no pressure to be included. We range from max th13 down to th6 with friendliness and a relaxed atmosphere our main goal but still super active.
    We have a strong US - UK core group of players with many others from around the world.
    Maybe check us out at #2PJVL09VL
    Take care and all the best

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    Hi there,

    Adult, US based clan called tots. We’ll war regularly and just ask that you fill CCs and take your attacks.


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