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Thread: Maxed TH13 looking for an active semi-competitive clan

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    Maxed TH13 looking for an active semi-competitive clan

    I am a maxed TH13, looking for a clan that is active and likes to war. I am not too competitive or serious though, would like a clan that has fun.


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    ↑The Forum meme guy.
    #P0PJR9Q8, have fun!

    Adapt, appreciate, and own up to what you have.

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    Hi Towens!
    We would like to have you in flatline 2.0 (#P9QYU8UR, level 19), a part of wichita family. Wichita family has a total of 10 clans (plus more for cwl that go active during cwl when required). Our discord- mJ7WQby.
    Flatline 2.0 is a semi-competitive clan of wichita. We max CG and only th13 participate in CWL (lower townhalls go to other clans of the family). We are currently in master 2 league. Even being semi competitive, we allow failures. You are not forced to 3 star everything that comes before you but we certainly don't encourage spray n pray attitude plus all heroes must be up for wars. If you are interested, mention that you are from the forum and Meetwad sent you.

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    please check us out as well

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    Hi Towens,
    ⭐WorldsAway⭐ is always on the look out for people with your outlook on the game, we War back to back but it's optional and no pressure. Donations are high and we range from maxed TH13 down to TH6 with players from all over the world and we pride ourselves on the friendliness and relaxed atmosphere of our clan.
    Maybe check us out at #2PJVL09VL
    Take care and all the best

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    Hey there, sent you an invite from Womi. Sounds right up our alley see you soon!

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    [Looking for TH13s/Merge, we have 8 spaces maybe more] Lv18 | Masters 2 CWL 30v30

    Clan name - DA Boat Racers
    Clan tag - #QYOO89UP
    Clan level - 18
    Clan war league - Masters league 2 (30v30)
    Clan games - Max x2
    War frequency - Back to back
    War log - Open
    Location - UK/US/International
    Language - English speaking

    Adult clan/Competitive/Friendly/Here to have fun

    TH13 - not rushed/not engineered (TH12 minis acceptable)
    War leagues are encouraged
    Clan wars are optional
    Do your best in clan games
    Try donate the same amount you request

    Have a question?
    Ask in-game or on discord

    Apply to the clan now, stating 'From forum'

    Clan games - Max x2

    Perfect war

    More screenshots

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    Hello! We would love to have you in our clan! We are currently looking for higher level players to help round out the top of our clan and we think that your experience and your level can really help our clan out!

    We’re super friendly, active, and respectful and use clan chat whenever we can! We war daily back to back and participate in both clan games and CWL. However, we’re chill but competitive (semi-competitive) and basically, we see regular wars as a practice for CWL. In other words, we’re more of a CWL focused clan and we’re always looking to improve our rank every season, and we see regular wars as a time to practice new decks, strategies, etc., so a lot less pressure and a lot more casual and fun! We also run on an opt in/opt out system for regular wars because we understand that life does get busy sometimes, or you just want to upgrade your heroes, so all you have to do is simply opt out when you can’t/don’t want to war!

    We’re US based and English speaking and we also aren’t strictly an adult clan. However, all of our members are very mature and all that means is that we just prefer not to curse in clan chat! (I hope that won’t be a dealbreaker for you!) We just hit clan level 10 and we've also just hit Crystal 3 a season ago for CWL, and we would love for you to join and help us grow our clan into something bigger! If you’re interested or have any questions at all, definitely shoot me a message in Discord or we can talk it out in clan chat! I hope you give us a look! Thanks!

    Discord me if you have any questions/concerns:

    Clan Link:

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