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    will old decos which new players could not get be ever bought back into the game to be purchasable through the shop?

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    Some questions from myself:

    1/ Shall we expect more new things for the Valley on the road map this year?

    2/ Can Bunnies get a watch so they can be on time ? Bunny Derby and Chill Derby are my favorites now, but understanding their timers is not quite intuitive for some players, let alone tracking all the timer. Could we expect some improvements (UI/code) or better explanation of how these Derbies work?

    3/ Could you share how the daily purchase limit impact or improve the economy balance since it was introduced?

    4/ Do you miss the office and all the animals there? Does working from home affect Hay Day roadmap?

    5/ ...

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    I find the overall design of Hay Day quite brilliant. As a Game Designer, what advice would you give to others pursuing this field?

    Are there any interesting activities done with the game team to motivate creative ideas?

    Would the team consider making a short film on Hay Day like "Lost and Crowned" in Clash?
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    Would you consider adding a search feature to Daily Dirt ? Or you can select what products you get in Daily Dirt ?
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    Question Nick😅

    When will you ban that food bot who is keep stealing my products from my shop ?again food limit in game ummm ( am sure this question will be not pick by sc cause they haven't reply)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrnoob001 View Post
    Question Nick

    When will you ban that food bot who is keep stealing my products from my shop ?again food limit in game ummm ( am sure this question will be not pick by sc cause they haven't reply)
    The Development Team are unlikely to answer a question about bots, as they did that in a previous Q & A:

    Hay Day level 205 (main farm) - I have seven others!

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    My question for Cami is :Why have the day and night features been ruled out? because the day and night features will be very interesting to apply in the game
    Please respond please!!!

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    Will you consider expanding the farm land across the river? That would be so cool
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    Will you consider increasing daily limit as per on level basis?? Bcx as you go higher you need more of each .

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    I am a more recent player who got addicted after suggesting the game to my Mom (as Supercell games are basically the only ones i play and trust on mobile), by downloading it to try and explain things to her . Now it is super fun being able to relaxingly enjoy a video game with family!

    My question is: will The Chicken Valley ever be revamped?

    It is quite a grind for lack-luster rewards due to the low amount of tokens given. Unless you are spending diamonds (which defeats the purpose of the best exclusive section reward...) it is impossible to get any reward except for one exclusive section + ~2 extra prizes from the normal shop (and that is only if you play frequently each day).

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