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Thread: Can’t get my last expansion permits

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    Can’t get my last expansion permits

    I need 2 more permits and have done for a couple of weeks. Last week I shuffled my derby rewards 15 times and not one appeared. There are none as rewards in my season pass and none in my valley. This weeks derby rewards are 3 puzzle pieces as the bunny winnings and no permits in the ‘normal’ columns. Is this a glitch? Is it a way to stop me ever completing my land expansion! Maybe I should’ve spun more than 15 times last week?? Anyone else has this?
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    Have you unlocked column 15 already? Permit is not supposed to appear in column 4 and 7 in Chill Derby.

    I'm thinking that being in derby kinda mess with permit/ puzzle piece appearance. Simply because the game will not offer you more than you can possibly take and in the same time, it cannot control where will you get it (if offered). The algorithme needs improvement in my opinion for these complex situations.

    My suggstion is to somewhat "control" source of permit:
    - opt out of derby in the week where valley starts --> encourage permit to appear as valley reward
    - opt out of derby when you only need a few pieces left --> remove possibility to get permit from derby rewards

    This way, your other sources of permit are limited to:
    - wheel of fortune
    - special boat event
    - lucky bonus from valley
    - greg's calendar (if any)
    - farm pass season (included paid rewards)

    All is my theory, haven't checked this (and cannot experiment this).
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    I need 3 for my last piece of land and have none in farm pass or valley and repeated shuffles in the last derby produced nothing. Why make the last few seemingly impossible to get?

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