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Thread: TH10max/TH10mid Looking for clan

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    TH10max/TH10mid Looking for clan

    I'm just an active player.Just Farming and active in ClanGames.I'm looking for clan lvl10 which is active in clan games.Not interested in wars

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    We at bolts and Holes would love to have you join. We even have an open spot for CWL if you want it. #2P99LJJGR

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    Hi we are a new Clan and we are searching members.
    Englisch or German
    Skill: Townhall 5+
    Age: 16+
    Always clanwars,league and clangames.
    We will level our clan as fast as we can
    We are 3 players with over 6 years experience in COC.

    When you are interested you can join us anytime or write me a message.

    Clan Name: *Legends*
    Number: #2PJYJ9PCR


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