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Thread: Nearly maxed th9 is looking for a clan

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    Nearly maxed th9 is looking for a clan

    Hey,i am an experienced th9 player since i have more 2 Account who are th9+.we also have a clan.but now,there is no space for th10 and lower th i am finding for a new clan where i can stay,play cwl,play clan games.i can beat any max th9 with witch slap/hog/dragon/queen charge.i am always active and available, no worries about missing clan war or war league attacks.
    If u need to have contact with me in Instagram,my Instagram account is:- easir.2087
    So,invite me or give me ur clan tag

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    Hello! Iíve started up an Active, donating, Respectful and powerful clan ! We are town hall 9 and above, majority being town hall 10 and above ! If youíre interested please let me know !!! We ate super interested in haveinh you 🔥💫🎉 tag is #2LPVCQCC8

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    [RECRUITING] Lethal Freedom (#28VJ0CC00)| ACTIVE WAR CLAN

    [RECRUITING] Lethal Freedom (#28VJ0CC00)| ACTIVE WAR CLAN
    Hey! Welcome to Lethal Freedom! We're an active war clan level 8 crystal league 11 looking for members to help us build and grow. We also have a sister clan born lethal with mostly lower th levels in it now but looking for any town hall level.
    We need serious players who are 3 star hitters. We are looking for players that can bring something to our family
    Freedom is laid back and a place where you have the freedom to have heros down and improve your game most of our members are really good and all to happy to help you hone your skills but we take war seriously We war non-stop and actively participate and clear clan games easily.

    All members that are opted in are put into CWL between the 3 clans

    We quite often have people join and say wow this clan is the most active ive been in as we have members from all around the world so there is always someone online.

    What you will gain from being in the clan:
    1) The correct and max level troops donated to you whenever you need them.
    2) Have the opportunity to be in an active chat with members from all around the world.
    3) Great conversations with other players to get to know them better. We don't only talk about the game in clan chat!
    4) Being a part of our growing family. We created this clan so that we can have a family who supports one another and helps us grow. We are always welcoming new members and would love for you to join us!

    •Must be th11 and above
    *Born lethal accepts th3 and up.
    •Must speak English, it just makes communication easier!
    •Must be active and non-rushed.
    •Members can be any age. We accept kids and adults.
    •Must be an active donator.
    Any player from any country is welcome!

    •Donating is a must for all members
    •It is strongly encouraged that members be active in the clan chat, but not required.
    •Members must make both war attacks, and always follow the war strategy.
    •Only opt out of war when heroes are down or for personal reasons.
    •Always read your clan mail! This is where important messages are sent out and the war strategy is given.
    •Be respectful to other members and respect all troop requests.
    •No clan hopping is allowed. We need loyal, active members who are here to stay.
    • friendly, active, and mature

    How can I apply?
    •You may apply to join our clan on the game by searching for our clan tag #28VJOCCOO.
    •You can also pm me, tell me a little bit about yourself, and I can invite you.
    If you are a new or casual player you can join our feeder clan to learn game play and get war ready search and join born lethal
    clan tag #2P8UCJRGG
    *we have a discord server send me a friend request and we can talk further to see where you fit best within our family my tag is yooe79#0347
    Come join born lethal then i can transfer you to the main clan from there

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    Hey , If you’re interested..I Kicked everyone out to regrow my clan ... It’s a level 7 clan and I would really need some help of another th9 to be ,my co-leader and help me regrow it ! It used to be An insanely active clan before and I’m sure we can do it again ! Please join me ! Clan Tag: #2PYUUCGC8 Clan Name : A Clan

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    Feb 2021
    Clan name Deicide. We were a level 20 clan that some of us left and restarted a new one as a feeder clan but back to back wars, free high level troops, and we are all active daily.

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    We are fairly quiet in chat, but friendly, relaxed, small strong core of active daily players who would enjoy having you join! Our wars always have full castles, and we always get max rewards possible with the amount of active players in clan games. Really need couple more active players, hope to see you! #P9Y98Q0R

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