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    it seems to be working again. Just FYI.....

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    Feb 2015
    Happening to me on iPad & on iPhone, just started.

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    Cant get in either , could get on to the farm before but not the fishing area , now I can’t get in at all, not even to opt out of tomorrow’s derby, come on supercell getting so fed up with these problems...
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    Yup - same here, fishing gets stuck in 'connecting, loading' loop - both my iPhone and iPad.

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    Same here as well. Android galaxy a51 OS 10

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    The problem was temporarily fixed for me, but now it’s back again.The fishing area is completely unusable, and I’m frustrated because I have a Valley sun task there that I can’t do.

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    Shame. I’m not going to even try to go to fishing area until it’s fixed especially with derby starting tomorrow... I could have used the fuel points ☹️

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    Ditto. A few minutes ago I went into the game, it asked for my supercell ID, clicked, and it threw me out. Wash, rinse, repeat. Finally got in, now fishing lake is cycling over and over.

    I guess I’ll wait till morning, hopefully there will be a maintenance then. I hold no hope n having it fixed sooner.

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    Same problem on IOS 14. Has happened to me every time i go to the fishing area. Sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes after doing a small number of things.

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    I just started experiencing the same problem and came here to report.
    it was fine a few hours ago...
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