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    Why canít Hay Day represent other cultures?

    I really am fed up with the over representation of Chinese decorations. Itís starting to feel like Chinese cultural propaganda. How about Indian, Hindu, Pacific Islanders, Cambodian, Peruvian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, etc... There is so much more to the world than just Western and Chinese. If Hay Day is multi cultural then itís time to represent that.
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    You're right. It's to much, like you said. A little more diversification would be appreciated.
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    I'm all for it, the more decorations the better!

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    i agree with you , i tried to get supercell to add a nourouz event couple of years ago but everyone disagree with me
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    Personally, I vote to do away with decorations altogether

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    The Team did diversify by adding Lunar New Year events and deco. I am not a big decoration collector, but I love the attention to detail and the love put into creating each piece.

    The Lunar New Year encompasses many countries and cultures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Griggy View Post
    Personally, I vote to do away with decorations altogether
    Nooooooooooo absolutely not lol, only real reason I play, so I can decorate. But am all for a variety of cultures.

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    Well SC obviously can't include an event/deco for every single culture. I think they strive to get a variety, but someone's favorite will inevitably get neglected while others get too much attention.

    Maybe this is my cultural ignorance, but I never thought all these decorations were specifically Chinese. I just thought they had a general Asian theme, so I made a zen garden around the wok and sushi maker.
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    I think they cover the ones most widely celebrated... like flags from clash of clans, it’s impossible to cover every country cultural events so the ones most celebrated get the attention.
    I’m from Australia and CNY is very popular here, as is Halloween and of course, Christmas.
    Toucky, please give us some examples from each of these listed of the specific to this country event that you want to celibate and what would symbolise these events: Hindu, Pacific Islanders, Cambodian, Peruvian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian

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    Thatís a very difficult topic and subject for various different reasons.
    First of all we must clear up that lunar new year is recognized and celebrated in quite a few other countries as well besides China so itís certainly not exclusive to China.

    The few events we do have and celebrate in game are almost all events that are celebrated and recognized by lots of cultures, countries and parts in the world. And they arenít specific to one country for the most part.

    One challenge is that it would be all too easy to stuff the entire year with special events and celebrations around the world especially when they start celebrating things which are only celebrated by a single country or smaller group of people. Thereís always some celebration somewhere. That said they also donít have midsummer celebrations for example which is a thing in Finland and while theyíre a Finnish company they never included midsummer celebrations either. If youíd expect them to celebrate something youíd think theyíd start with something like that but nope. These celebrations and events need to have some time between them and some exclusivity.
    That in itself really narrows down how much can be done in a year.

    Then thereís another issue, which is more political and / or more sensitive. How many countries are there in the world ? And more importantly does everyone agree on that in the whole world ? Short answer no. Not every country recognizes the sovereignty of other countries or acknowledges certain regions and with it thereís certain sensitivities. If you add a celebration for county X or region Y which isnít recognized by country B then thereís a huge sensitivity issue and is seen as the game is making a ďpolitical statementĒ or at it is seen least choosing a side.

    Furthermore with a lot of celebrations thereís other sensitive issues. For example a lot of independence or liberation days in various countries basically celebrate the victory of a certain war or over a certain people. I think it goes without saying how that might be considered sensitive as well.

    All in all there are a lot of events and celebrations which just arenít suitable to be celebrated in the game for a lot of (sometimes very different) reasons and here in this post Iíve mentioned a few of the obstacles.

    As for specific events and reasons of why we do have certain events and don't have certain others we can only guess.

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