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    Let's have some fun - Make a Clashy Meme & Win Gems

    Hey Clashers,

    It's Monday and in order to liven up the place a bit, we thought we'd have a fun little meme contest. We've got two popular memes that we've turned into Clashy templates.

    Give us your Clashy-est meme and possibly win a handful of Gems for your creative wit. Use one of the templates, fill in the dialog boxes with text and show us just how funny Clash of Clans can be. We will take our top 10 favorite from across our social media channels and a random drawing will determine the top 3 winners.

    Submissions will remain open until 5pm (Helsinki time) Thursday, February 11th. Winners will be posted on Friday, February 12th

    • 1st Place: 2000 Gems
    • 2nd Place: 1000 Gems
    • 3rd Place: 500 Gems

    Of course every contest has to have rules and here are the rules for this one:
    1. All entries must be submitted to this thread.
    2. All submissions must use one of the two templates provided above, submitted by the deadline above.
    3. No vulgar, inappropriate, trolling/obnoxious, political, or adult content.
    4. All entries must be in English and must relate to Clash of Clans.
    5. Winners will be notified via DM on the Forums.
    6. Do not post your account information publicly, we will contact you via DM to let you know you've won.
    7. Winning account must be in good standing and not have negative Gems.
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    If you have account-related questions like account bans or Supercell ID issues, please contact Player Support at this link. Please note that Community Managers and Forum Moderators are unable to assist or answer any account-related questions.

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    Nice amount of gem prizes.
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    right behind you
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    in honor of our favorite warden...
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