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Thread: Level 122 comeback

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    Thanks Shells but I always complete 9-10 tasks and expect the same from my neighbours.

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    Still looking for 9-10 task 320/400 NH.
    Where no outside app is required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjeniet49 View Post
    Hi everybody
    I have decided to activate my farm again, and I am looking for a nice global NH.I am male from Denmark. 49 years old.I normally do 320/400 tasks, but haven't been playing much for a long time. So a lot has changed.I am active in the town, and trade internally and use birdhouse.Hope somebody would invite me to their NH.

    I should mention that I complete 10 tasks, but I don’t prep my machines so I don’t complete after few days. Normally I am done by Saturday.

    I wish you a great weekend.
    You can definitely join my neighborhood! Iím level 70 And hoping to recruit more neighbors! I donít do that having to complete extra task, thatís completely up to the Discretion of the player. I see you say you complete the 10th task and thatís awesome! Of course completing any tasks help, but I recommend shooting for the higher point tasks! But overall really just have fun and help out and be willing to chat! Check out my farm #YCLYQJJ8 We have 15 members now and hoping to grow!
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