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Thread: Start Clan or Rebuild or Recruit PM ME or reply thx

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    Feb 2021

    Start Clan or Rebuild or Recruit PM ME or reply thx

    I have two accounts. My main is a nearly maxed th12 and my second is a mid th11.

    Im a returning user so Im really rusty on Clan wars (emphasis on rusty)

    If we are to make a clan.. GREAT Im down

    but if not, Im looking for a clan that is
    - english based and active
    - Noob friendly and high donations.

    My former clan's donation rates has gradually dropped where now I am unable to receive troops even before Wars.

    Anyone interested?
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    Message me.

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    Hi! Consider Blue Crew, #2ycc8y99g! We just started but have experienced leadership, and are looking to build a relaxed clan. Some max troops available, once grown we'll do (at least) weekly clan wars and CWL!

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    Any interest in fwa? We are looking for a few members. We are a level 25 clan. Shoot me a message if interested. #2URLRUCP
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    LVL 17 War/Push clan. non rushed Th11+ Adults CWL #2Y8CUGY9

    Hey there

    We are trying to recruit strong players for next CWL. Also looking for some adults that wants to help out with leadership.

    Looking for active adult players. People in here are super on donation, friendly, and its just a great atmosphere here!

    Birdchests V2 #2Y8CUGY9

    Join if you want to war, throphy push or just chill. Make sure to contribute with donations and be active!

    We are allways getting all the rewards in clan games.

    English speech
    Th11+ Non rushed
    20+ years old

    Hope to see you in there

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    Hey PYORORO,

    I think you would be a great addition to our clan!

    ProfangHulagang | Townhall 9+ | Clan level 15| Social/Constant War | Max Clan Games | CWL Crystal I League | Join Request “Brandor sent me” |#PL9RLCVQ

    Come See us on Discord♥

    We are a Mature, North American, English Only, Clan Game Maxing, League War killing, Constant War Clan with a great core group of experienced guys. Always Welcome aboard, and if we don't see you, Happy Clashing!
    Brandor100 TH13 (Max) | Leader Profanghulagang Level 15| #PL9RLCVQ
    We are a North American Based, English Only, Clan Game Maxing, League War Killing, Constant War Clan
    If you are interested in Joining us, Submit your request with "Brandor sent me"
    Or come check us out on Discord

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    Feb 2021
    I am interested I am just starting a new war clan and really could use the help getting recruits. I hope you dont mind but i am a th6.

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    Skull Brawlers #LQJO2282.💀We brawl for stars!!! ⭐⭐⭐

    What we offer:

    💀Twice A Week Wars.
    💀CWL Participation.
    💀Max Clan Games.
    Max Donations.
    💀24 Hour Promotion to Elder.

    Requirements to join:

    💀TH13 to TH10.
    Follow clan rules and be active.

    Clan Rules:

    💀Use all war attacks.
    💀1,000 points in clan games.
    💀Follow war plans by attacking only your assigned target or in your assigned zone.
    Follow war eligibility. (See below.)

    War Eligibility Rules:

    💀Rank of Elder.
    💀Heroes and Spell factories not upgrading.
    💀Clan war preference is set to "I'm in".

    Clan Information:

    💀Clan Level 15
    💀Established: April 2016
    💀Clan Tag: #LQJO2282
    💀Location: United States
    💀Time Zone: EST/GMT -4/5
    Clan War League: Gold I

    Join Now

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    We at bolts and Holes would love to have you join. We even have an open spot for CWL if you want it. #2P99LJJGR

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    Hey there, we’re a high donating social / competitive war clan. We hold in clan events like friendly wars each month. Check us out! apply to join via discord :0 )


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