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Thread: WHERE to recruit

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    WHERE to recruit

    So I've been using the forum to recruit ever since they got rid of global... And I started using the r/clashofclans discord to recruit... But if I'm being honest I absolutely despise that server. It has the most people I've found to be able to recruit, but they're all toxic or 12 and it truly just ruins the experience.

    The tool doesn't work that well imo. The forum seems to bring in the best quality but only gets a few bites. Discord I can weed people out before they get there at least...

    Is there anywhere else people are having luck recruiting? I haven't found another platform/server with as many people.

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    On this forum Clan Talk - "I need a clan" has worked good for me. Other than that our best form of recruiting has been winning wars people want to join a winning team, sometimes i'll bounce around with my main or mini account and try poaching players from clans i see dwindling, It's dirty but gotta do what you gotta do

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    Recruiting on the forum is like a bad habit for me. Cant recall the last time someone posted to join. We've been using reddit and a clash recruiter discord bot that pushes our post out to an average of 180 servers every 12 hours. We're always near full.

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    I have a same problem but its even worse because my clan is from small country and there are not any recruiting websites/forums/groups.

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