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Thread: L98 looking for a home

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    Feb 2021

    L98 looking for a home

    Active derby player
    Play everyday
    Im from nz so covid free...haha

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    I am currently recruiting for just one farmer to complete our neighbourhood. Please see my recruiting advertisement below. If you are interested please PM me or reply to this message. We would love to complete our NH. This week we caught all three bunnies and came 1st place without any stress, if we get placed in the top three it’s a nice to have but we don’t stress about chasing the gold. (I have unused farm as barn space currently and will remove if you wanted to join us).

    Wanted..... Active farmers to get Bobby our NH horse Derby horseshoes

    The Old Police House


    Our friendly helpful neighbourhood is looking for just ONE more active farmer to join us in the derbies

    29 Farmers with levels ranging from 32 to 201
    All active farmers are elders/co leaders
    We are an international NH... Australia America Germany Japan Spain Indonesia UK Hungary

    To help Bobby our NH horse to win new horseshoes

    We aim for 320/400 tasks
    We don’t use diamonds for speed or 10th task or less you want to
    We help each other
    You don’t have to be chit chatty but we do ask for communication on derby tasks

    We have
    98 Gold 37Silver 35 Bronze
    If we get in the top three it’s a nice to have but we don’t stress about it

    No drama
    Enjoy your farming and being part of a happy NH

    Our support to new farmers
    We have a strong team of experienced members keen to help new farmers learn about Hay Day and making the most of their new farms.

    If you are looking for a new neighbourhood, give The Old Police House some consideration..... if you are interested in joining our NH send me a PM or reply to this post.

    Thanks for reading

    Forever Autumn

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    Hi we are Boo bees, an international adult only hood. Mostly Aussie and USA. Currently 23 members. Derby not compulsory, if you do join the derby it 9x310 or 9x400. We are friendly and helpful.
    Pop over and say hi

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    Melbourne, Australia
    Will send you a pm

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    Hi there we would love to welcome you. We are fairly new so if youíre looking for a fresh start and want to help us grow youíll fit right in. Please call by 😊

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    Hi i am leader of Gold Derby Hood. We are a new and international hood with players from different time zones. We are very experienced.

    We do not reserve tasks. You can choose the tasks by yourself.

    We do always all tasks for max points. so you will need to buy the extra task with 10 diamonds every derby.

    We are helpful and friendly.

    For communication we use kik or fb messenger.

    What else can I tell you about us?

    For more information:
    Kik name: Dreamcollies
    Facebook: Greeny HoneyĎs Time
    Discord: Greeny
    Hood Name: Gold Derby Hood
    Tag: #Y2JPQG82

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    Nov 2016
    🕊️Spiritís Peace is seeking highly motivated derby addicts whose goal is to continue our rise on the global leaderboard. Our main hood is 🏅Championship league with 86 gold trophies 🏆 and counting! We always place in the top 3! We are looking to fill our remaining few openings. We are extremely competitive, very strategic and have fun while we win.We are a friendly,helpful international team. We all work together to achieve our common goals.
    🤔Requirements are:
    👩🏼♥🌾 Age 18+
    📈Must be level 76.
    ✅We require all tasks!
    ☑️320/400/10 every week.
    💬Communication is crucial!
    🏃🏽♥♂️Looking for fast finishers!
    🗺️. We are also a Valley hood. We hit all the chicken/animal requirements and are always on the lookout to repair others trucks.

    If you are levels 40+ looking to level up and be a part of a great team we also offer:

    🐣Spiritís Peace Annex
    🏆 Looking for the thrill of competitive leaderboard derby but still working on leveling up? 🏆
    This🏅 championship league hood derbies as competitively as the main hood, with all the same requirements. This is not a camp! Always places in the top 3! Currently leaderboard bound ! Itís also where some of our main members race their baby farms. Itís extremely active. Some farms may be called up from time to time to help in the main hood! We have 26 active members and looking for more!

    💻 Must join our discord server. It has members from both hoods so you have double the amount of help if needed with tasks!

    If you are interested send me a DM! 📫 If you are motivated to win we would love to have you!
    Leader Spiritís Peace
    Competitve Champion League
    Now accepting new members​

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    Hi Pippinnz, I've pmed you.
    MAGIC [Level 242 (#2yyjjcqc8)]
    Founder/Leader of Jovial Ville
    FB Messenger: Sharile Tan

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    Did you find a new home🤔 if not, I think I can help (plus I've had my jab so you'll be safe around me &#128514

    Pastures New Inc. #YCLGY2VP is a brand new neighbourhood with 3 experienced members from UK, Australia and USA. We have been Hayday friends for a number of years and decided to branch out to try to create a new, friendly, active NH where we can hopefully be successful. We are looking for active, English speaking players who are polite in chat and helpful to others members. Requirements are level 80+ and age 18+. We will consider slightly lower levels so please PM me if you are interested.

    Although we aim to do well in the Derby and only complete 320 tasks, we don't insist on taking the 10th task. We have always competed in the Champion League but as this is a new NH we have to work our way up from the bottom over the next few weeks.

    Tempted? I hope so. Feel free to drop by - your sense of humour appeals and you sound like you'll fit in nicely 😊

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    🦁✨Dottville Mania Farm looking for PRO-ACTIVE DERBY FOCUSED Players 🐝✨

    🐶💫🦋✨Dottville Mania 🐷✨🐮


    🙋🏽♥♀️ About Me:

    BRAND NEW NEW NH (Started Dec., 2020), SEASONED PLAYER (Lvl 122) looking 👀 for NEW PLAYERS & VETS!!! Iím in it to WIN IT!!! Letís start this adventure TOGETHER 🖖🏾

    We are a DERBY 320/400 Team looking for active adult players that are fluent in English. Weíre a TEAM of 19 with players levels range from 16 - 122. I donít mind lower level NEWBIES because you have to start somewhere!!!! As long as you help and participate then itís ALL GOOD 😌. Weíre a chatty bunch but you are more than welcome to be a 🤫 SILENT Partner!!! We HELP each other out throughout the day and help MAXIMIZE our Farms. I donít care what your native language is but you MUST speak 🗣 ENGLISH when communicating with the Team!!!! If you choose NOT to join the derby 🐎 then simply OPT-OUT!!!


    1.) Derby 🐎 320/400 ONLY
    2.) Have a sense of HUMOR 😂
    3.) Be transparent
    4.) Donít be RUDE to other players (You can IM me in FB Messenger to express your concerns and weíll figure it out from there) 🙃
    5.) Alert 🚨 TEAM when you have items for sale in road side shop before you POST to Public!
    6.) First derby you will be OPTED-OUT in order to make sure itís a good fit and have a chance to get to know everyone.

    Derby 🐎 Requirements:

    1.) Complete ALL tasks for 320 points only and up ☝🏾.
    2.) If WE get DEMOTED, so do you 😝
    3.) We are team oriented and expect teamwork when required.
    4.) If you canít complete ALL tasks required then OPTING-OUT is A-OK 👌🏾 for that week.
    5.) Purchasing extra tasks for diamonds is NEVER required yet appreciated if we are in a tight race.

    Please join our active, helpful hood!

    TAG Me and ADD me: #QPCQQPQY

    Dottville Mania 🤩

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