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Thread: What Type of Farm Design Do You Like?

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    What Type of Farm Design Do You Like?

    I personally like farms that look natural with some nice accent pieces or areas. On my farm I use my crop fields as decoration to so they’re scattered throughout my farm; I know some people get ticked off by that though. I do know some people like to hide their production machines on their farms, or make things very symmetrical, etc. What type of farm design style do you like?
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    I like to see farms where the farmer has combined decor or other items to create a unique structure or decoration. There's a lot of imagination out there!
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    I prefer decorations that fit the farming theme. That being said, I love most decorations, I just don't put them on the farm unless they are farm themed.
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    I love all the nature decorations or things you actually would find on a farm. I like organized and proper spacing (having 3 of each enclosures and having them look different is really bothering me ....) I cant figure out a decent design that works. But I have zero decorations right now .... not enough money to buy what I need! So I use fruit trees and brushes to decorate

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    I love farms that look like working farms and that use the decorations in a pleasing way. I love seasonal decorations as well. I like seeing the machines working, etc. However, I am not a fan of the crazy foxes or frogs and I prefer the pets contained over walking on top of everything.

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    There are some very clever peeps out there with wonderful designs.

    I would not be one of them. I simply strip my farm animals of their dignity and put them on public display

    I still use my cows, but all of the others are retired

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    Idk how WP does that with the animals, but it’s interesting for sure!

    I love most styles, but my faves are the deco design ones (but will never be able to do that, lol).

    Then the ones that are *somewhat* “realistic”. Mine is sort of like that. I don’t go so far as to hide everything that wouldn’t be on a farm (like some of the wacky statues—Idk why), and I need to be able to walk around to reach my machines, animals and fields.

    The one thing that makes me uncomfortable is claustrophobic farms where everything seems to be completely smushed together. (I wouldn’t dare open barn doors if I could—from what I’ve seen/heard, they’re almost always full.)

    Thanks TerM!

    Got kinda worried snooks might be gf, but seems there's no gf in the set-up so she is absolutely confirmed.

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    I really like the style that Greg uses on his farm - it looks very natural and beautiful. He has not cut down all the default trees that come with the farm and has chosen to also leave some stones untouched. I love how he surrounds many of his machines with trails, flowers, trees, etc. I am not a huge fan of robot-like farms where you canít see any machines and the overall picture is freakishly symmetrical.

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    I love decorating, everything has its place on my farm, good knows how many hours I've worked on it to change things around.
    I have still quite a bit of the opposite side to unlock so I'm always thinking of ideas for what I can do with it. All my decorations I win are piling up over the side till I can decorate ☺️

    Check it out #VPL9YGLV

    Farms I'm not too keen on are too many trees / bushes whether they're dead or not... To me they look... Ugly 🤔
    I have roughly about 6 cherry trees, 12 lemon trees and 15 each cacao and banana trees, everything else I keep stock of from buying out of the paper.
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    Natural farms of my favorite. I also like farms that are ďfilledĒ. Iím not a fan of large grass patches.

    On my farm, all of my fields and machines are in two separate terraced designs. There is a small triangle around my farmhouse that I fill with seasonal decorations (for example, Valentineís Day decorations and the colorful trees are on display right now). I try to change it up monthly. As far as fruit trees and bushes go, I mixed in the nectar bushes throughout my machine design. At one point, I stopped clearing out the natural trees, rocks, etc. on the main side and have left the other side of the road completely untouched. In these two areas, I mixed in the rest of my trees and bushes so it looks like a forest.

    My favorite decorations are the daffodils, stone path, and pebble path. The costs of all three of these increase with each purchase. As a result, daffodils now cost me 15,000+ coins each and the two paths cost me 2,000+ coins each!

    Overall, I change my farm design up about once a year. My town, however, is a much different story. A few years ago, I created my absolute favorite town design, and it has not come down since. Other than changing up the seasonal decorations and the open space next to my town hall, it has not changed at all.

    If you would like to see my designs for yourself, my tag is #2RUYJORCV.

    I think designing is my favorite part of this game!
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