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    Puzzle Pieces

    I have 5 farms. On one farm I only need 6 to complete my last animal. Today's event board is blank on one farm but on another it shows that it is 5 puzzle pieces but neither of the 2 farms I have opened today are giving puzzle pieces. I am now on my 3 rd boat on each farm. As I know the first boat would not have one.

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    I have 2 farms and I have sent off 1 boat on each farm which arrived after the current event started. The lower level farm received the puzzle piece and another is showing on the jetty. The higher level farm, however, did not receive a puzzle piece and neither is a puzzle piece showing on the jetty.

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    No puzzle piece boats here either

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    Same here. No puzzle pieces. Not a single one. And I need more, than perhaps the max 5 in the bunny Derby.

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    no puzzle pieces

    Another puzzle piece event where they don't give us the promised puzzle pieces? I just sent off my second boat after the beginning of the event, and I didn't get a puzzle piece. Nor does the next boat show a puzzle piece.

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    Same for me ... only I sent off a few boats before I saw that I wasn't getting any puzzle pieces. I need exactly 5 to get the second gorilla ... maybe that's the bug???

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    Same here... no puzzle pieces

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    Add me to the list of those that have only a few puzzle pieces left to get the last gorilla and am not getting 🧩 on the boats. The first boat I cast off, as it most likely would not have had one anyway. Nothing for the next boat, but I called it anyway and filled it. Still no 🧩 for what would be the 2nd event boat. I am not calling that one, but have and will take screenshots of each boat I complete today. I have already written to support. I am hoping that Alfred will bring my 🧩 to me when the event ends, as many players have reported that has been the response from support during previous events with the same issue.

    Good luck everyone.
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    You can add me as well, but this has been happening to me for a year.

    I am not close to finishing with 9 pcs needed.
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    I'm in a similar position.

    Last time I was close to finishing the last animal I contacted Support and they sent me a puzzle piece for each boat that I had filled during the event. Of course, I didn't get them for boats that I cast off unfilled.

    This time I'm filling 5 boats, and will then contact Support. Fingers crossed!

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