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@Ajax Thanks a lot for the answers. Not yet for me then, but at least I can stop wondering.
Text is kind of OK for "just a game", but the entire cell phone infrastructure is based on the very old, very unsafe SS7 protocol which totally unsafe for serious (banking, business, political...) purposes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal...ulnerabilities
Perhaps you should tell the banks that then, since many of them use text messaging for 2FA.

Mine is moving that way. They have a card reader device which gives you one-time codes using your debit card, but they recently introduced the option to use text messaging instead if you wanted.

I presume they have added that so that you can log in if you are away from home and haven't taken the reader with you, but they must think it secure enough, or they wouldn't do it (you do need to log in using a customer number which is NOT the same as your account number). There is at least one other financial services company I use which only gives you the text message option.