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Thread: RSS glitch is getting worrying

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    RSS glitch is getting worrying

    Has anyone experienced it? i have seen people comments on Reddit about this glitch and today I was also one of the victim, we lost 20 EMs during a trade. I clicked on the items but the EMs didn't go to my barn and we have the screenshots for that. Luckily the man whom i traded with was a very nice guy he gave me 20 more EMs to cover the lost items..

    20 items are A LOT for low-level up to mid-level players who are also the ones thats struggling the most in the game cuz we still have tons of things to upgrade and balance. We can't afford to lose 20 items everyday...

    Is the team looking forward to fix this glitch? This is not an isolated case, this happens to a lot of people. It should really be fixed ASAP
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    actually this is a very very old bug i have experience that bug so many times over the years it stopped a while ago for me but it looks like im also kinda experiencing that again and sometimes when barn is full and i click too fast to buy any items instead of saying "barn is full" it shows i have bought it but it doesnt appear in my barn and ofc it takes my coins as well so a total loss lol but i really hope they fix this soon haha 😅

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