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Thread: *Max TH9* Looking for Clan Games and Donos

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    *Max TH9* Looking for Clan Games and Donos

    My player tag is: #8PPRL2LU0 and Iím max th9 (minus the heroes) and Iím looking for a friendly active clan that does clan games well. I am from the US EST time zone

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    clan tag is #2lyu2y9g8 name is Xc Domain. We're th8-11 right now and are looking for people who want to participate in clan games and cwl if you're interested.
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    Hi there, ⭐WorldsAway⭐ is a level 3 clan with 25 active members, always on the lookout for new active members to grow even bigger.
    Friendly and relaxed atmosphere but with clan wars few times a week and taking part in CWL, its optional opt in or out and we max clan games.
    May give us a look #2PJVL09VL
    All the best

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    Here is my copy/paste. Its short enough to not be annoying. lol

    You're welcome to tag along for CWL in NightmareGuild2 = and play for real in Aged Greatness2 - i've got the doors open in NG2 prepping for cwl; I'll have to kick some random people out before we begin... lol

    Aged Greatness2 Recruiting Mature Balanced English speaking players.

    ⚔️ Aged Greatness2 ! ⚔️
    ��#8VJ9UJC8 - Level 19 Clan��
    ��WAR CLAN��
    ��Space available for TH9+��
    ��Must have balanced base��
    ⭐��95-100% every war��⭐
    ��Discord Required!��
    ��NightmareGuild/Aged Greatness Family ��

    Join our discord on a web browser here:

    or in the app here:

    �� ��

    We have 5-10 online at any time of the day; using air attacks to farm. A few of us have multiple accounts - Leaders use them to fill spaces in war and guarantee wins.

    In CWL we generally win every round in the gold 1 -- then move up to crystal 3 where we take the lowest spot to go back to gold 1 for guaranteed win again...

    We have spare clans where we can spin the 'loose war' in case your heroes are down and you still want to get medals.

    Our War log as of Jan 2021 is: 498 wins - 282 losses, 23 draws - 803 total.

    Clan Recruitment - War Weight - Suggested Upgrade Paths
    NG #9JR2GQ9P NG2 #YRY2YRQ2
    Aged Greatness2 #8VJ9UJC8 AG3 #2R0Y9CJY

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