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Thread: How do I start

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    Question How do I start

    I am kind of interested in starting hay day it seems chill and relaxing however I am not sure if i know how to start? do i just head on and go along with the game? or is there a specific way to start faster and or a most efficient way?

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    Hay Day is a pretty chill game. I’d say jump in feet first, download the game. As annoying as the Crow can be with his tutorials, they will help. And the fact that you have come to the forum, you will be able to ask all the questions you want, and someone will help you.

    There is no “faster” way to start. It’s best if you do NOT level up too quickly. The game is about resource management. Read the stickies above. Some of the info may be dated, but most is still relevant.

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    Upgrade barn first, save all your expansion items if you can, read all the posts on here. Hay day is awesome, it slowly introduces all The features to not overwhelm you. Sell items you have produced for coins to buy animals/machines.

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