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    I don’t know if anyone has already mentioned these but I thought of a couple more points that would be super useful for clan recruitment.
    Anyone who’s inbox is full and an invite cannot be sent to doesn’t show up because what’s the point of seeing someone I can’t actually invite.
    <ruled out idea redacted>
    I think everyone should have the ability to set on their profile their country that they’re in just like you can set your clan location and it would be great to be able to search specifically for people from specific countries/your clan’s country.
    I’ve already been on this thread before and mentioned a few other useful options including
    Primary Language Filter
    Minimum Trophy Filter
    Minimum Town Hall Filter
    Minimum Level Filter

    I just think all of these options would really be great to narrow down the people you want to invite to your clan based on how active they are/what language they speak/their kind of play style and I think all of these things are important to developing a coherent, cooperative clan where everyone can work together. That’s really the name of this game anyway
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    Well I’m encouraged by the update news. Having the ‘suggest’ me option will hopefully help in having your account show up on list of legit players lookin for a clan. Can’t wait to test it. I waited 3 full days last test and never did receive an invite.

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