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Thread: Unbanned account or Minimize the penalty days

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    Unbanned account or Minimize the penalty days

    First i recovered my th7 account then 2nd i recovered also my th7 account and at the third time, when i tried to recovered my rushed th8 account, they immediately banned due to "phishing" for 31 days. Please unbanned it, that is my only highest level account i been playing a long time, and also we have clan war league this week. Its okay if it minimize the penalty days for 1 week, not 1 month besides im not totally doing "phishing account" my own old account.

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    Nobody on the forum has the power to unban an account. You need to take it up with Support in game. But even they are highly unlikely to reduce your ban. You're lucky it's only a temporary ban, normally they permanently ban accounts for phishing. Lal you can do is wait 31 days.

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