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Thread: Looking for clan th8

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    Looking for clan th8

    Hi iam looking for clan, iam at townhall 8 & mostly active one. Not fully max th8 but nearly.

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    Check out Thiel Team 6ix. We’re active and TH8 we’re more than happy to accept. We have a few members building towards higher levels themselves. We just ask that you help out where you can in things like clan games clan wars etc.. shoot me a pm if you’re interested we can talk more on it

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    We are always looking for smaller townhalls. Especially for wars.

    If you decide to give us a try, look us up in clash ("D'age Land" or #9C8J808G) and send a join request with "From forums" in your message.

    Direct link to D'age Land:


    We look forward to clashing with you!

    Py (#2VGQ8YC)
    Leader of D'age Land
    Two Stars Kill Wars

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    Hey i recently just started a clan and we accept any town hall and we tend to do war back to back join our clan and grow with up the clan tag is #2YG228Q0L

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    Moonsalt gang

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    Send me link, intrested to see?👍

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    You are welcome to join The Abyssal One if you are still looking for a clan. We are at 4 members and when we hit 5 we are going right to war. #2L9C8CURC
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    Clan name: [Baby]Walkers⚡️Clan level: 3Clan tag: #2L8CLY2Y2Location: InternationalLanguage: EnglishCWL league: New ClanClan Leader: Demon’s RevivalRecruiting All TH levels!!Must be active and attack In war And if you have high level troops then must donate.Looking for Active and Talkative Players in for the Long Run.To join us:In Game Clan Link: join our Clan discord server: us:We are a new clan.. We have a few high level members with high level troops and siege!! We will give troops as you request them!!!! Join our clan and help us grow!!

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