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    Share your daily defense log in legends

    It would be cool if we players in legends league would be able to share our daily attack and defense log (up to 8 attacks /defenses) with our clan

    The share could look like this ;

    Attacks used x from 8 gain xxx trophies
    Defenses x from 8 lose xxx trophies

    Or something similar to this

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    I agree. Legends is exciting, but in a way it is kind of lonely. You can share your attacks and defences, and talk about your day, but short of that it is you alone.

    I think your clan should be able to see your daily Legends battles, and watch replays of them all, for a day.

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    I'm going to close this thread, and copy the OP to the Darian's QoL thread, as it fits perfectly there.

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