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Thread: Derby Decos

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    Derby Decos

    Does anyone know what the current derby decos are? I keep getting gnomes (loads) and occasionally the sheep rocking toy and the round bales of hay.

    I'm after another Elephant Slide and Piggy See Saw, but they never come up.

    There are a few others I would love too, like the mining one and the gardeners boots.

    Are they gone from the list of rewards now, or am I just unlucky?

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    I got the option of piggy see-saw last week, in column 4 same as permit.
    Also got option of picking the ring toss.

    Not seen gardeners boots for a long time and not sure which is the mining deco.
    Good luck this week, hope you get something good.

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    Ive been fingers crossed 🤞 for a horse topiary for over a year. I fear that one is gone too. 😞

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    You never see anything interesting anymore, not even the flags, am so sick of gnomes. I wish they would fix it, my baby farm needs some decos!

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    Ah thank you all. Glad some are still showing up. Sick of the gnomes too - they are becoming like those musical instruments that plagued us for so many years

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