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    Dunno if it was mentioned before or not... in the base Editing mode, it would be nice if it was possible to check the Traps and Teslas alone... the Same way you can have a view of the walls alone Without the buildings. Often I spend some times Searching for a spring trap or a small Bomb or An air-mine lost somewhere in the village.

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    On preparation day, I'd like to be able to tell if a clanmates castle is full, or if I just donated the maximal amount of troops to that player already. On first glance, I mean.
    Maybe there could be some 3rd option between "donate" and nothing? "35/45"? "Full"?

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    If this has been mentioned I apologize

    1) I would like to see leadership create sub clans for SCWL or 5v5 tournaments.

    Example: on the "my clan page". Have an option to create a sub clan of 20 (example). Then have leadership move the members for SCWL over to the sub clan for the week.

    The sub clan and the main clan will share the main chat room. This will make it feel your clan is "still together" but not.

    Take a step further. When you enter the war page. Have a tab you can click and watch your sub clans attacks or what not.

    2) my life will improve if we got rid of request times for troops lol.

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