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    Quote Originally Posted by Def4ultpl4y3r View Post
    Yes agreed. I don't want to wait just because I swapped a level 7 wall with a level 6. Supercell please implement these.
    From update patch notes.
    Quote Originally Posted by 'Darian[Supercell
    Layout Editor

    • Disable Move All tool buttons when dragging objects to avoid visual glitches.
    • Improve synchronization of visual and logical object coordinates in layout editor.
    • Refresh wall connections properly when swapping walls in layout editor.
    • Fixed failure in the layout editor if more than 500 objects are moved at once.
    • Allow swapping of buildings also in the editor without triggering the layout cooldown.

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    when using a training potion would really like to see that the request for cc troops is sped up as well so you aren’t waiting on cc troops and wasting the training potion, very frustrating and makes the training potion almost useless in that scenario

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