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    Fix an army layout being ruined when donating troops

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheClanimals View Post
    My post deleted? Cant find it and cross referenced with rules out about some family clan interconnectivity?
    It was rather beyond just QoL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pb913 View Post
    My GW is right next to my CC. Whenever, I try to select the CC to request troops, it selects on the GW (if he is walking past the CC). I have to wait until he passes a certain point, then selecting the same spot selects the CC. While it may not seem like much, it always seems like when I need to request troops....he's there in the way (2 of my bases have the same farm I see it all the time).
    It does that with other hero's as well...but you rarely ever click on anything other than the CC.

    Make it so that if you want to select the hero, you have to click on their alter only. Currently, you can click on the alter or you can click on the hero.
    Why do you click on the CC to request troops?

    Much easier to do it from the training screen.

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    1. stop the clan castle troops and siege from being "used" after attack in friendly war( the army and heroes stays alive but cc is gone)
    2. allow us to set our own CC troops and spells in friendly challenge so we wont have to wait 10 min every time we change army just to test it with certain CC troops
    3. <ruled out idea redacted>
    - bottom line: separate the practice mode of the game from the "real" game, so we can practice whenever we want regardless of the real time state of our CC troops/army/heroes

    4. make troops under invisibility spell less transparent

    5. some feature that if checked, it automatically buys the marked super troop so we wont have to do it manually every 3 days

    6. allow us to manually set the troop bar while attacking a base so we wont have to scroll back and forth so much while deploying balloons and spells. I really try to use the minimal variety of troops just to have smaller gap between the balloons and haste spells so if I will be able to set the haste spell close the balloons it will make the attack much easier
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    Why do you click on the CC to request troops?

    Much easier to do it from the training screen.
    I do it more out of habit, and can't see it doing it from the training screen any easier then hitting the clan castle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediRisen View Post
    1) Use the same "CC Picker" for requests in war (so we can specify max troops and the type of units) as opposed to a free text field
    This one should ONLY be implemented as an option! NOT mandatory. Co leaders, Leaders [whether in war or not!] should have the possibility to bypass any preference given
    Quote Originally Posted by JediRisen View Post
    7) CWL CCs - Consider just filling once per round instead of every war? It's quite tedious. Or let us fill all of them at once, so they are done and we don't have to worry about it unless there are lineup changes?
    Quote Originally Posted by JediRisen View Post
    8) Let us turn off friend requests or block people that request more than twice after being rejected
    +1 for all my bases!
    Quote Originally Posted by JediRisen View Post
    10) Create another state for war "Yellow" for people that don't mind if they are in or out. Would make it much easier for leaders to know who to add or remove to make a multiple of 5.
    ... and let Leaders and Co leaders have the possibility to change shields from green to yellow, or red, for instance if people forget to switch and aren't available, or in case of emergencies or other real life issues

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    1. Copy from army slots to friendly challenge army. Now there is only copy current army.

    2. Choose CC troops, spells and siege machine freely without donation for friendly challenges.

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    Have not read everything already posted... So some might have been already suggested. But here's my little list:

    - An option to hide the 'eye' if your attack is being spectated. This doesn't block spectators, it just doesn't show you if your attack is being spectated (and by how many).

    - Being able to set your own CC when attacking in Friendly Challenges. The new system is awesome, but needing to request a new CC every time you're testing a new army is the only bottleneck. Being able to just pick a CC to attack with would make it perfect.

    - Just like how we can name our Quick Train armies, it would be a welcome addition to name our base layouts.

    - On the topic of base layouts - merging the home base and war base tabs together, so you just have a row of 6-9 layouts to select for both war and your home village. Maybe even add some more base layout tabs

    - Having 3 toggles in the Layout Editor to view the ranges of all defenses. One toggle would be to show the range of ground only defenses, one to show air hitting defenses, and one to show everything. Might be more of a feature than QoL change though... Throwing it in there anyway

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    13) when our storages are full, allow the resource bubble or red icon to disappear while we are in the game. And instead of tapping one at a time, it should be all at once.

    It will reappear if we: go back to the game or when our resources is used or no longer full.

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    have an option to remove the eye for when someone spectates your attacks (Especially builder base)

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