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    I don't know if this has been discussed. We can hold more gold and elixer after the clan games. But if we raid, we don't get any more gold or elixer. How bout you let us get the loot. So when we upgrade our town halls or there is an update coming we can use all the gold and elixer and dark elixer when they have something for us to use it on.

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    Be able to put into order how troops are cooked when using Quick Train. I continue to shake my head at having to re-order troops once I train them.

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    QoL changes i want :-

    1) Ability to see which super troops are activated. In profile of clan members.

    2) A pop-up confirmation for using gems in finish troop training section.

    3) Show live percentage in builder base battles.
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    -Faster troop removal of already made troops. The speed is like 3 times slower than que troops.

    -Show current trophy level on the attack screen.

    -Be able to remove the "Tap or press and hold to deploy troops" on the attack screen. It gets in the way and do we really need a tutorial every single time we attack?

    -Allow gold pass to start for everyone at the same time. Right now if we open the game late on the 1st day of gold pass. Our quests reset that time every day. We can miss 1 day of quests depending what time we open the game on the 1st day of gold pass.

    -Make the map fringe 4 tiles instead of the current 3 tiles. To better accommodate the 2x2 obstacles.

    -On the attack screen: Add a number above each troop to show how many deployed troops are still alive. Also, viewable by spectators. Mainly for hogs, miners and balloons.

    -Force all special obstacles to be placed like normal obstacles. Right now you can go days with a gem mine hidden in your base. Instead of special obstacles being placed in any 2x2 slot, force them to follow the same rules as other obstacles.

    -Be able to lock a base from being modified. So no more accidental building/wall movements when we are zooming in or out.

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    I only play this game due to war feature as it's the only thing competitive & fun so I like to see more QOL in war section like...

    * Add war cc troops request to be set in war base layout separately as different bases needs different cc troops so that player can set war cc request in war base layout screen only & by changing base they don't have to remember what troops were recommended for particular war base & then edit again on preparation day.
    Like let us set war cc req. separately for every war base layout in war base layout screen only & by selecting any base for war will going to update war cc req. which is set for that base.
    If not possible then at least add note feature above every war base layout where we can make note about war cc troops we needed for that base or anything which we need to remember for that base.

    - Base Horizontal or Vertical Flip feature in Base edit mode.

    - Something which will make war cc troops donation easy & effective.

    - Feature to take war base screenshot without any UI or details like clan, player names etc.

    - Leader to fix expire time for claimed bases in war. For example If some1 claimed some base then he needs to attack before leader set expire time is getting over else he's claim will be auto removed & any other player can hit that base.

    - Asking for this long in every QOL thread made but still nothing on Troops bar scroll. It's so irritating to scroll during war attack & missed timing or click wrong troops/spell so please do something about it.
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    Enable the button for Legendary League players to watch the game, and Legendary League players can choose for themselves whether to continue or not.

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    1. Cancellation of Laboratory Upgarde when some players Misclicked
    2.Extra Base Layout for Home village Active base like War base
    3. Bring some Skins for gems in upcoming update

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    As said before, the possibility for co- and leaders to change the war shield from green to red
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    That an item would automatically be deleted from your Magic Items if you bought said item from the vendor ie. it would save you the time to:

    1. Tap the vendor to see what's up
    2. See that he offers a free training potion
    3. Exit the vendor
    4. Enter you Magic Items
    5. Remove a Training Potion, tab to confirm that you want to remove it
    6. Exit your Magic Items
    7. Enter the vendor again
    8. Select the free training potion


    The option to automatically train a troop or spell similar to what you've just donated and push said troop/spell to front of the training que. You should be able to toggle this option ON/OFF in the settings. Ie. the following:

    1. Donate a troop
    2. Enter your Army training
    3. Train the troop you spell and push it to the front of your training que (to not mess up your preferred Army)
    4. Exit your Army training

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    At certain times, I would like to have a 'back' button that would help me to go back on the path through which I reached a certain base. One example when this is helpful is when I am scouting the bases of people that dared to attack me. I am always out for revenge, but I like to first check the level of resources and whether I may expect a full clan castle. After scouting a base, I would like to have the option to go back to the list of recent defences and directly launch my devastating revenge attack.

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