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    What Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements Would You Like To See?

    Hey Clashers,

    Now that the holidays have been over for a few weeks now, it's safe to assume the Clash dev team is hard at work on the next big update.

    While we're not ready to reveal what that content is just yet, or when it will be released, we promise to share the exciting news when it's time to begin sneak peeks. But not yet...

    One of the things the dev team tries to do is look at some of the more requested QoL improvements that are requested by the community. Implementing any QoL improvements is based on 2 major factors (and a million minor factors). The 2 major ones are "Time" and "Complexity".

    The main feature of the content release will always take center stage and priority when we develop new content. This is a given, and content will always be king with our new update releases. However, if the dev team has the time or if the requested feature is easy enough to implement based on the available time, we try to squeeze in as many QoL improvements as we can, assuming our QA team can adequately test all the changes.

    Now, this doesn't mean a request will be guaranteed to make it into the game. The game isn't developed democratically. Suggestions and ideas are taken as just that - suggestions. If the QoL improvement makes sense, and we feel it'll improve the game, then hopefully a dev will take a stab at it.

    So what is a QoL improvement?
    People will often confuse creating new content as a QoL improvement. A QoL change is the modification of an existing feature or creating of a new feature specifically designed to make the user experience easier or more enjoyable. Some things that would be considered a QoL improvement that we've done in the past:
    • Removed a troop automatically being highlighted when you begin your attack, preventing you from accidentally starting your attack.
    • Player name changes for Gems.
    • Allowing previous Skins for Gems.
    • The Clan Games reward screen not forgetting your selections if you close it before finalizing your choices.
    • Less screen clicking when switching between Supercell ID accounts.

    Examples of things that are not QoL improvements:
    • New Troops/Spells/Heroes/TH
    • New game modes
    • New aesthetic items like skins or scenery.
    • Being able to FC your own base

    So what is this thread for?
    It's always helpful for us to keep an eye on what we can do to make your experience in Clash more enjoyable. Post your QoL suggestions below and we'll see what we can do as we get closer to update time.

    Just an additional note, any trolling or obnoxious posts like "delete Builder Base" or "bring back Global" will be removed. Before you make a suggestion post, please read through the "Ruled Out Ideas" thread. It is quite annoying to read through suggestions we've already stated we won't implement. You can find the thread here:

    AKA Tank Puppy

    If you have account-related questions like account bans or Supercell ID issues, please contact Player Support at this link. Please note that Community Managers and Forum Moderators are unable to assist or answer any account-related questions.

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    "Randomize" option for hero skin selection to enjoy various acquired skins without manually selecting.

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    In the clan, after donating troops to a player, you can automatically replenish the donated troops

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    Friendship war can choose their own defensive forces

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    Ability to block people from spamming friend requests. It's quite frustrating.

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    Ability to donate super troops that aren't boosted at the moment, even if limited to gems only. Can be incredibly helpful for the odd cc request for defensive war ccs

    The countdown timers of wars and base cooldown running at the same speed. I have had instances where both are started at the exact same time but the war (friendly war with 24h prep day) starts earlier and base still has decent time left in cooldown.

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    Enable the button for Legendary League players to watch the game, and Legendary League players can choose for themselves whether or not to allow others to watch.

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    Some way to tell which Super Troops players have enabled. Even if not available in game, this would still be very useful to have in the public API.

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    The ability to pick your fc cc troops for both defense and attacking. Same for friendly wars.

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    I'll "second" a couple that have already been added:

    1. <ruled out idea redacted>
    2. Block or not allow friend requests.

    A couple of other ones I'd like to see:
    3. See CG results after the strongman leaves the village.
    4. Have the first 30 minutes of prep day (CWL only) allow us to change roster without seeing other roster. I want to bench someone if they miss an attack, but sometimes a player will make a last minute attack.
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