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    Hay Day Reconnecting/Connecting problem

    Hi everyone, hope someone from admins will read this...

    I am not sure about reconnecting/connecting problem but I have find one thing that maybe does that...

    Actually when I set something in shop, it stays in shop sometimes even if someone bought...
    So I can still set ad on that but if my friend goes to my shop it's already sold, and it doesn't show for me it's sold..
    Nothing helps, restarting anything doesnt help...

    After that I noticed that I get reconnecting thing and when I go to shop after that it says that item is sold..

    So, I actually think that there is problem with updating times for shop and other thing which does Reconnect/Connect problem

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    My hay day keeps reloading, there isn't a specific thing where it does it, it just happens a lot, at least twice everyday.

    It also shuts the game randomly. Moreso since the last update but this has all been happening since about September 2020, but hopefully it can be fixed.

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    The same here.
    My game keeps reloading and it is really annoying.
    Sometimes it reloads when I am at a shop and I miss to buy things because the game was reloaded.
    This is really a big issue and I hope that the development team is working to solve this issue.

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    Same here. My game is resetting every few moves and valley visit to the point of being almost unplayable.

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    same here , unplayable

    ps: i play other supercell games without any issue

    also other online games
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    Nick's latest update on this issue can be found here:

    I am going to close this thread, as it's a duplicate. Please feel free to use the following thread for this issue:
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