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    Add new rewards for clan games

    Add new rewards when you reach for example 80k or 100k points, such as hammers, plus gems, plus potions etc. so the best clans can be rewarded for their level (sorry for my English&#128517

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    How about the not best clans?

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    Absolutely NO from me.

    Occasional games with higher tiers and more rewards is fine.

    Doing every time would just cause burnout, because clans would feel pressure to reach those higher tiers.

    SC experimented for the first few months, with different levels of tiers and different frequencies, until they settled on what they believe works best.

    They decided (rightly in my view) that 50K points was something most clans would be able to achieve most monbths without undue pressure. And once or twice a year, they will have a bigger games, but no more than that.

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