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Thread: Happy Harvest #9P98Y8UJ is recruiting Derby and Town enthusiasts

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    Cool Happy Harvest #9P98Y8UJ is recruiting Derby and Town enthusiasts

    tag# 9P98Y8UJ
    Current level requirement: 40
    Please mention you saw this post when requesting to join.

    Happy Harvest
    is looking for farmers who love the derby and want to do as many tasks as they can because it is fun. There is no pressure to complete the max, but we encourage you to strive for the max. Loving the town is also a bonus, but as long as you send off some visitors so we have lots to choose from, it doesn't make a difference if you actually fill orders there. Play your favorite features.

    *Roster: Our group is carefully maintained to keep our neighborhood active. Activity that we look for is mainly derby participation and town visitors available. You're welcome to take breaks from the game as long as you opt out of the derby and let us know you'll be back. We currently have over 20 active members.

    *Derby: Opting yourself out as needed is the single most important rule in our neighborhood. Derby log is shared, and 0 points will result in removal from neighborhood. Low performance will mean a leader will have to opt you out to sit out the next derby. It's obviously preferred that you choose to opt yourself out if you know you will be busy. I don't like to set a minimum, but generally less than 1/3 of total points possible (not including bonus task) is considered poor performance. Chances to improve will be given.
    We have a good amount of max point players, and I don't want them to be discouraged and feel like they're carrying people. We have currently been bouncing between expert and champion's league, but our goal is always for horseshoes.

    *Trading and chat:
    Most trading in our neighborhood is done using the neighborhood requests system since chat can be on the quiet side. Feel free to speak up and request what you need or help out a fellow neighbor. *Edit* Not so quiet anymore!
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    Join us if you love the derby!

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    New Champion's league derby starts tomorrow. We have 7 spaces open in our neighborhood. Come join us!

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    We're still looking for more active players! We will remain in the champion's league for the next derby.

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    New champion's league starting tomorrow.

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    We currently have 1 slot available.

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