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The op wants to be able to hold more while you are wanting to get more of a lot in clan games. Kind of different. Regardless, basically your idea is full up games rewards with junk for me. And with two potions I think shouldn't exist- hero and power potions. You want decent troops and heroes, earn them.
Yes, fair response.

However, I am more keen on more green potions, so the inactive can play more, more easily, at least in a spurt.
Also builder gold and elixir, because they are laggy there.

I think hero and power potions are really good, in how they help low level accounts more than high level accounts.

Personally, I have really enjoyed the power potion for doing clan games builder base challenges, because the troops are stronger, yes, but a lot more because then I can play builder base troops that I have neglected.

Giving low levels potions that you regard as junk, that pretty much means that giving away these things will not break anything up top.

NB. All the above is for some kids I look after, kids who have trouble understanding CC trigger and lure, and have rushed accounts. One, who spent his Christmas money all on gems. Funny, how they think an inferno tower will make the game better for them.

Up top ... I want more books, especially of everything. Having grinded one account to max, I appreciate the hammers and books in rushing heroes to max, and I sure am better at looting resources than the first time round. My criticism of game mechanics at the top end is not the free stuff, but the abundance of league medals for buying hammers of heroes, and builder potions, I feel my TH12 accounts are progressing too easy.