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    Unable to login

    Me and my clan are unable to login, we stucked in the loading screen and when it've done, we suddently lost connection and forced to relog. Pls help fix it T.T

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    Try some common steps like:
    - turn off/on device
    - clear cache
    - clear ram
    - turn off background apps
    - check your internet (switch between wifi/mobil)
    - check clash for update
    - check device for update
    - very last option the factory reset

    But it is possible that clash is overloaded in your region and this is just a temporary issue.

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    Supercell id bug

    My supercell id is not working well .If I accept somones friend req it says something went wrong pls try again later .And i can't send somone supercell id friend req also .Pls help me.

    Thank you
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    Sc id bug

    Hi all,

    I'm having issues with sc id today.
    When i put the email address and the password received, the game said that my account can't be found and that i have to try with another id.

    Was connected to that account couple days ago, and sc id asked me to link it again today.
    But that's not working...

    Don't know why that account got disconnected from sc id too.

    I have a TH10 competition in one hour...

    Thank's for helping me fast guys ;-)

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    Scid asked you to link it again? Never heard about it.
    Have you tryed your old login method?

    If nothing works please cintact the ingame support.

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    yeah i don't why my th10 got unlinked.
    So i had to put my email address for the password but didn't worked.
    I triedagain and now im not receiving any password...
    Im stuck.
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    Exclamation Not being able to sign into my Supercellid


    Recently I tried to sign in to my supercellID and I ran into an issue, when I try to sign in with the verification code which is send to my email it keeps saying, "something went wrong, please try again later"

    Is there any way to fix this? I have tried multiple devices also closing all the apps that were running in the background but it wont help.
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    Someone logging into my account

    I've try to login into the game and as soon as I input my supercell id verification code it tell me 'Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later'. I haven't shared my account info with anyone and I'm disturbed. This is happening with all 3 of my th13 accounts on my phone
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    The verification code not valid

    Please respond back to my complaint Supercell. What should I do to be able to go back to my village which is connected to the Google Play Game. When I ask for a verification code, the code is not sent to my email. Even if the code is sent, it is invalid so it can't be entered. Please respond. Even if I can, allow me to contact supercell with a human, not a robot, who answers my question, but there is no solution or what I should do. Although I have to wait at least I can get a clear answer. Please. Please help supercell. Thank you

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    Welcome to the forum. The ingame support does NOT work in any forum.
    Why do you want to login with supercell id when your village is saved with gplay?

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