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    Error message when replying to post

    I got this error very often when I try reply to post :

    You don't have permission to access /newreply.php on this server.
    Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe.”
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    Copy your reply in case it goes lost and refresh the page and try replying again. It sounds like an error the forum sometimes gets.
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    I get that same message too when I go into a sub forum (no specific one). It's only been happening for the past week quite frequently and I didn't this experience last year. I just refresh the page and it goes away.

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    It’s happened to me off and on for years, and sometimes it’s more frequent than other times. I’ve noticed it for a couple of days, including just this morning. Sometimes it says I don’t have permission to view my own profile page. The first time it happened scared me to no end, lol.

    Refreshing the page, as Lemon said, often works for me. Otherwise I go somewhere else for several seconds and then come back (so the forums as a whole reload).

    Thanks TerM!

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    Forbidden to access

    Anyone else keep getting this in the past few days.
    Refresh sorts it after a few times, but this... Forbidden to access the site is a bit weird.

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    Yes, It happens to me a lot. If anyone has any idea why it happens, please reply.

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    Me too. Every time I try to open a page the forbidden to access white page comes up sometimes and I have to refres it to get rid of it.

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    We don't know why it is happening - and it is happening to us mods as well.

    It has been reported.

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    It just happened to me when I clicked this is happening a lot these days and sometimes in awkward moments like replying to someone.

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    Started up again today.

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