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    What to do when team members are not contributing

    We have two neighbors who consistently only do a couple of tasks and feel “bullied” if we ask them to do more. Any kind suggestions?
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    Did you make it clear that the tasks are a requirement to participate in the derby? If not, this miscommunication could be the issue. Maybe try politely telling them to opt out until they could try again for more tasks? Worse comes to worse, kicking them out is an option-but that is a difficult choice sometimes. Maybe do an announcement that says “To participate in the derby you must do all *** tasks, or face a warning” then if they receive a warning and don’t do anything maybe then consider kicking them out? This is a different situation, and there is no win-win solution. Try to be kind the entire time, as no one should feel cyber-bullied.

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    I don't really see point why you even keep them in hood, are they helpful in other way, if not kick them out
    Probably they are just using you and other members.

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    There are easy going neighborhoods. Perhaps kindly suggest that a neighborhood like that would be better suited for them.

    I am in an easy going neighborhood myself. I would be miserable, if I was expected to live up to a certain amount of participation to be really welcome in a group. To me HD is all about relaxation. I get enough pressure to achieve certain goals in my day job. 😛

    Perhaps the not so active members of your neighborhood think all hoods are goal driven, so they have given up finding a new group with a more laid-back attitude. Just a thought.

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    How you want to deal with it will come down to personal choice and the current atmosphere in the hood. The size of the hood etc.
    If you are all ok with it then by all means don’t do too much about it. There are some hoods which have a really casual approach about derby and there’s those that demand everyone do all tasks at max points. Nothing wrong with either style as long as it fits everyone’s playing style and is clear.

    So you have to ask yourself this question, what kind of hood do you want to be and when you answer that question you need to stick to your own rules.

    If you want to have a casual approach then you don’t have to do much but then it also shouldn’t frustrate you.

    If you want to have them complete all tasks then you need to take action.
    In the end you cannot force people to do tasks they’re simply not willing to do. There will always be certain types of players riding the coat tails of other peoples hard work. And some will make the others feel guilty with “how dare you ask me to do all tasks”. When you could just as easily ask “how dare they happily collect all rewards the others worked hard for”

    If your hood is one that demands all tasks finished and done then you have tools at your disposal.
    You can opt them out yourself to get the message across however this will likely lead to more drama and will generally not fix the attitude of such payers. Or you can kick them out. It seems like an extremely harsh measure but let’s look at it more closely.

    Its obvious that those players aren't a good fit for your hood. By not doing anything the 2 camps will eventually become more and more frustrated with each other. It’s like a bad infection that grows and grows. In the end it will only result in a lot of frustration for several players and will cause some of your more valuable hoodies to either quit or move on to a different hood when they’re finally fed up with it enough. So while it may seem awful at first to kick them out when you then have a couple of smooth derbies and you enjoy playing it much more again it will soon be forgotten.

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    I have two members who both actively donate more than they request but always ranks last in derby. I decided to keep them.

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    +1 to kick suggestion. Unless you know them in real life or add meaningfully in other ways.

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    Are they at least aware that what they do (or not do) affects others badly?

    Depending on their understanding of the situation, they can either become a better neighbors or find another neighborhood that fit them better.

    Or one of my evil plan: if your hood don't mind, try doing a few derbies their way: do the same amount of task as those neighbors ; or just opted out all together.

    Whatever you choose, you better not let your hood think/feel that leaders let them be and taking no action at all.

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    Kick them out (maybe at the end of the derby) ... they are not team players and not an asset to the neighbourhood.

    I they are presently elders or co-leaders, demote them before letting them know you they're going so they can't do damage.

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    If the kicking out option seems “too harsh” as a first option, try that “opt-out” feature.
    Have the Leader or Co-leader of the hood do the “derby opt-out” feature with those players.
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