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    Quote Originally Posted by TulipGirl View Post
    If the kicking out option seems “too harsh” as a first option, try that “opt-out” feature.
    Have the Leader or Co-leader of the hood do the “derby opt-out” feature with those players.
    Just be aware that if the Leader or Co does opt out a player, there is nothing keeping that player from opting back in, even moments before the derby begins. So you may want to time it appropriately to make this less likely. The players do get a message that lets them know that they have been opted out and by whom.
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    I've become completely disillusioned with the Derby for this reason, and checked out as the leader. There is always someone who isn't pulling their weight and you constantly have to fight with people. I wish Hayday would introduce admin tools to help us out. They could put an end to much nastiness if they would do this. All we need is automated settings. If people don't reach X amount of tasks, they are automatically opted out of the next one. Then they can't fight when they are opted out.
    The other option is to only unlock the same number of prizes as tasks that they finished, so that you don't get the freeloaders, doing no tasks but getting all the prizes each week.

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    I give two notices about the rules of the derby before each derby. If they are lagging in the derby I ask if they need help. Two missed derbies and I opt them out if they haven't done it. If they opt in I kick them out. Anyone who constantly begs and does not give gets kicked out.

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    I can only tell you what I have done in a similar situation. I explain to them that the derby is a team effort so we need everyone to do their fair share. At the start of the derby I would lay it all out. Everyone is responsible for turning in XXXX points so that we can reach the last horseshoe. Anyone not turning in that will be opted out by me on Monday. If you opt yourself back in on Monday I will remove you from the neighborhood. If I have to opt you out from more than 3 derbies I will remove you from the neighborhood. In my neighborhood we do NOT require derby participation. In fact we have 4 people who rarely get on. We have one problem child, she does her best but she just doesn't understand blossom or bunny derbies at ALL. So I always remind her how hard those are for her "because of her work schedule" and she always opts herself out.
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