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Thread: Looking for a clan

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    Looking for a clan

    Howdy Clashers! I'm a TH9(Maxing, almost maxed btw), looking for a clan which is relaxed, friendly and doesn't go to war often and could also provide space to my other- donating account which is rushed ofc. So anyone of the likes of me heads up!

    Main account: #YVOCPCJ8
    Other other account- #2VUU2CV82

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    Isekai (Otherworld).
    Good day, I am Rimuru Tempest, Village head of Otherworlders, my village is doing back-to-back war, but the participation is not mandatory, if you would like to pay us a short visit and stay for awhile, I will leave the Village's code and let my Co, Elucidator, to send you an invitation and request
    Hoping to see you (。̀ᴗ-)✧

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    If you are still looking for a clan, you are welcome to join The Abyssal One. Brand new war clan. My goal is to do war frequently, but it is not required to use both all the time. #2L9C8CURC

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