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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorenz98 View Post
    The way you describe it makes it really look bad. But I guess for a 56% 2*, there is a whole lot that needs to go wrong for that to happen.
    It doesn't really tell me too much without a replay.

    I mean I could easily find examples of Hybrid, Smash or Lalo looking like a complete joke. Does that mean those strategies are bad? I guess not.
    In the end a tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.

    As I see it, the SW based attacks are still very well capable of beating a variety of different designs. And they outclass regular wizards in almost every way possible, even bowlers in many scenarios.
    If you don't want to use them, that's fine. But that doesn't mean it can't work well for others.
    Dont know how to show replay..
    So suffice to say its a typical double quad quake mass attack..
    Set the funnel, open the core (or vice versa dependent on preference), let em go, be ready with your freeze (or whatever extra spell slots).

    I would think on a compact base the chain would be devastating, but then again a tanky troop like yeti is equally effective without lots of walls to stall them.. I use quad quake and jump to allow for rage and freeze, or a dark army Golem Bowler Witch, but same difference..
    Mass is mass, whether phased or not.. Only difference is waiting for each phase to achieve objective before dropping the next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bostone View Post
    I swear, if i had a nickel for everytime someone here puts words into my mouth, well I'd have a stack of nickels atleast.

    Also feel like your 1st and last sentences are somehow completely contrary to each other.
    How was it contrary?

    You told someone that you consider people spamming should go and play another game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    The reason spam attacks are so popular is because they require the least amount of risk vs reward. You cannot expect the average person to constantly research and practice high level attacks, just as you can't expect a person who plays football with his friends to perform at the professional player level.

    But if your base is falling victim to spam attacks, then perhaps it's time to look up an anti-spam layout. There will never be a single base design that is perfect against all types of attacks. Not only is it impossible, it just wouldn't be fun. So it's ultimately up to you what kind of defense you want to put forward.
    I am with Darian in this. Some clans literally ban GOWIPE. I love that strategy but they say it's overused. The other side of the coin is I learned to play air attacks just cause of them which is a big plus but still I love GOWIPE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClavTangJr View Post
    " Have been playing in legends about a year and if i really push trophies I am at the end of season around 6500-7500 in global ranking, trophies wary to get this result."

    Sorry, to clarify, are you saying you get between 6500-7500 cups for end of season? Or am I misreading this? Last seasons #1 was 7262. If this is correct then your lowest cups would still place you top 20 globally. That's super impressive
    Looks like he is saying he gets to a ranking of 6500-7500, not cups, hence the reference to "global" which is still impressive, given it is around the top 1% depending on the month.

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